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2022-10-09 14:54

Flywell International Corp. has achieved a milestone by incorporating the assembly of locally made and also best imported casing, thus bringing the lowest of cost. Hopefully, you can see how enthusiastic we are about creating excellent slatwall display stand, square maple slatwall display stand! We wish that results in excellent customer encounter with our items. Our range of slatwall display stand, square maple slatwall display stand meet connectivity challenges in a wide array of environments and conditions. We work collaboratively and innovate globally.


Our Square Maple Slatwall Display Stand is a perfect way to display your product. It can be used to display anything from clothing to auto parts. Square Maple Slatwall Display Stand is a freestanding unit that can work well in retail stores and office space. Easily customizable by adding a different hook, brackets or shelf you are able to achieve a different look at a moment notice. This Display Stand maximizes your space use.

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•  Create an eye-catching display for your customers with the help of our maple slatwall display stand.

•  Available in white, black and maple, different colors adapt to various styles and decorations of the retail stores.

•  Each panel measures 24 inches wide and 48 inches long, offering plenty of space for holding your merchandise.

•  In addition, this slatwall display stand won't take up too much of your retail space, occupying a floor space of only 2 feet by 2 feet.

•  Can use in all kinds of the shoe shop, clothing shop, gift shop, pet shop or retails.



 is skillful in handling custom-made products too. From product design suggestion, sample providing, production process, and quality control, to shipment, our professional teams would always be your friendly and helpful partner.

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